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Recent News

  • Postdoctoral Researcher Juan Li (Kate) from China joins lab to research influence of climate change on snow leopards
  • Laurie Hall's Landscape Genetics toolbox review is published in Landscape Ecology.
  • Kelly Iknayan receives an NSF Doctoral Dissertation Improvement Grant to support Grinnell resurveys of desert birds
  • Brazilian student Joana Araujo is visiting the lab with Currasow data
  • Former visiting Brazilian Francisco Denes and Steve publish a review on estimating abundance of unmarked animals in Methods in Ecology & Evolution.

We study conservation, behavior and population biology toward the goals of understanding the influence of climate change, managing endangered or commercially-valuable wildlife, or of understanding the factors shaping life histories to satisfy our curiosity about how nature works. Our research combines intensive field studies based on quantitative sampling with field or lab experimentation, and modeling. Recent work has been done in California, Venezuela, and Puerto Rico.

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